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CSSS launches“National Day for Scientific and Technological Workers”activities in Harbin

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“National Day for Scientific and Technological Workers”activities, sponsored by China Sport Science Society(CSSS) and HeiLongJiang Sport Bureau and organized by Heilongjiang Sport Science Scoeity, was launched at Harbin International Exhibition Center on May 21, 2017. Mr. Jie Yang, Deputy Secretary-General of CSSS, Mr. Feng Li, Deputy Director of Heilongjiang Sport Bureau, Mr. Baolin Sun, Consultant at Policy and Regulations Division of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Bureau, Mr. Yongcheng Wang, Deputy Director of Science Society Academic Department of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Association, Mr. Zhidan Diao, Secretary of Party Committee of Heilongjiang Sports Association, Ms. Qi Cai, Secretary- General and Mr. Gang Wang, Deputy Secretary-General of Heilongjiang Sport Science Society presented at the launching ceremony.


CSSS carried out 2017“National Day for Scientific and Technological Workers”activities along with National Tour of Voluntary Service for National Fitness at national science and technology week. The activities included experts’ workshop for sport science fitness popularization, “Linkong Flat Push Shuttlecock League”, national fitness surveillance, experts’ consultation on scientific exercise and distribution of fitness publicity materials. The workshop, themed on “Developing Sport Science by Innovation and Popularization”, invited Prof. Wenyi Niu from Public Health Faculty of Peking University Medical Department, and Prof. Xiangchen Li from Wisdom Sport Innovation Center of China Institute of Sport Science to lecture on topics of “How do we popularize health knowledge” and “Big Data, Big Health”. About 50 grassroots workers in sport science and technology joined the discussion at the workshop.


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