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CSSS holds “2017 Scientific Fitness Open Class” in Beijing

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“2017 Scientific Fitness Open Class”, run by China Sport Science Society (CSSS) and China Interactive Sports Technology Invention Co., Ltd., had been successfully concluded at National Olympic Sports Center (NOSC) in Beijing On May 7th, 2017. Mr. Yibo Ren, Coach and Chief Trainer at a famous fitness club gave a demonstration lesson, targeted to abdominal shaping, on site to over 50 fitness enthusiasts who registered in the class via internet. More than 12 thousand watched the live webcast of the class, which got over 42 thousand clicks in total.


The Open Class were also supported by the Fitness Test and Experience Center of NOSC, Asian Games Youth Sport Club, Jin Ri Tao Tiao, Beijing Ha Ta Yoga and beijing Guang Zhu Quan Fiteness.


With a plan to invite 8 well-known fitness experts and top coaches to give lessons and consultations at site, the Scientific Fitness Open Class in Beijing, expected to become a brand event in national fitness campaign, will be held monthly from May to December.



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