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“The 1st National Community and Employee Sport Officers Training Course of 2017” held in HeFei, Anhui

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On May 5 to 12, 2017, “The 1st National Community and Employee Sport Officers Training Course of 2017”, sponsored by Department of Mass Sports, General Administration of Sports of China(GAS) and organized by China Sport Science Society (CSSS) and Anhui Sport Science Society, was successfully held in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province. Mr. Guangyu Yang, Director of Organization Development Division of Department of Mass Sports of GAS, Ms. Li Zhu, Vice Chairman of CSSS, Mr. Haijun Chen, Chairman of Anhui Sport Science Society and Deputy Director of Anhui Sport Bureau, Mr. Jie Yang, Director of CSSS Administration Department of China Institute of Sport Science (CISS), and Mr. Liangzhong Wei, Director of Anhui Sport Science Institute presented at the opening ceremony. Over 130 sport officers and mangers from 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions as well as more than 20 industrial sport associations have attended the training class.


To meet the new trend of mass sport management, Department of Mass Sports of GAS, in 2016, decided to initiate the project of “National Community and Employee Sport Officers Training Course”, which is based on the former experience of holding “National Scientific Fitness Guidance Volunteer Training Course”. In 2016, the first two training courses were successfully held in Hubei and Guangdong Provinces respectively. The 1st training course of 2017, by learning from the past two terms, improved in organization and teachers selection. Accomplished scholars in mass sport research and fitness guidance, including Professors from CISS, Mr. Mingxiao Bao, Mr. Xiangchen Li, Mr. Peng Zhao and Mr. Yanfeng, and from Beijing Sport University, Mr. Hai Ren, Ms. Yaling Huang and Ms. Zhengzhen Wang, were invited to give lessons in the course. These teachers tutored the trainees by lecturing on the topics of “Healthy China, Sport Go First”, “Big Data, Big Health”, “Physical Therapy and Functional Training for Sprinters’ Injuries”, “Construction and Implementation of China’s National Fitness Surveillance System”, “Development of Mass Sport Social Organizations”, “Physical Activities, Sport and Chronical Diseases” and so on respectively.

The one-week training course not only broadened the horizons but also increased the knowledge of the trainees, who viewed the course informative, updated and compact and the teachers experienced and outstanding. All trainees were issued Certificate of Completion after taking all lessons of the course. Since the trainees are the backbones at their working places in guiding and implementing community and employee sport development, they would use what they’ve learnt from the training to promote the latest ideas in development mass sport, populate the methods of scientific fitness and guide the mass to exercise in a scientific style.

Anhui Sport Bureau and Anhui Sport Science Society have put a lot of manpower and material resources into the training course, providing a sound environment and logistics support for the trainees.

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