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CSSS delegation visits Chinese Pharmaceutical Association

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CSSS delegation, headed by Vice Chairman, Ms. Li Zhu and consisting of staff in charge of academic exchanges, international collaboration, science popularization, academic awarding, organizational development and membership management, visited Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) and its science development center on April 26 of 2017, learning successful models and experience which would contribute to the buildup and development of CSSS.

Vice Chairman and Secretary-General, Ms. Lixia Ding received the delegation and held a meeting of discussion, presided by Deputy Secretary-General of CPA, Mr. Aiguo Wang, for staff members from CPA and CSSS. At the meeting, issues such as society governance practice, membership development and management, academic exchanges achievements, science popularization working institution, science awarding system, international academic collaboration, overseas talent service and government-transferred undertaking, were discussed intensively by the participants.


After the meeting, CSSS delegation toured CPA science development center, communicating furtherly with employees of the center.

CPA, one of the earliest-founded academic organizations in China, has a 110-year-old history and was rated as 5A society (top rate) by Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2015. By visiting CPA, CSSS has learned its current governance mode, business scope, rules and regulations and especially the successful experiences in the work of science popularization, which would inspire CSSS in the future to improve the governance, expand the business scope, advance the reforming process and stimulate the vitality.

The visit has promoted CSSS, in a deeper way, to cooperate and exchange with outstanding national societies. In China’s national move to push forward people’s health and fitness, the two organizations, CSSS and CPA, both hope that we should integrate the social resources and academic forces of CSSS and CPA to jointly carry out research projects and academic exchanges in the fields of sport, health, medicine and pharmacy, so as to play an important role in promoting science and technology progress as well as public health service.


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