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“High-end Forum of Sport and Medicine Integrated Big Health” held in Beijing

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“High-end Forum of Sport and Medicine Integrated Big Health”, co-hosted by China Sport Science Society (CSSS), Chinese Preventive Medicine Association (CPMA) and China Institute of Sport Science (CISS), organized and sponsored by Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation and Cooper Aerobics Big Health Company, was held in Beijing on April, 19, 2017.

Ms. Meiying Zhang, Vice Chairman of the 11th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Mr. Shijie Duan, Deputy Director of Science Education Culture Health and Sport Commission of the CPPCC, Chairman of CSSS and Former Deputy Director of General Administration of Sport (GAS), Mr. Weizhong Yang, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of CPMA, Mr. Bing Yan, Chairman of Reignwood Group, Dr. Kenneth. H. Cooper, Founder of World Aerobics Sport, Prof. Junshi Chen, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Prof. Dayi Hu, Vice Chairman of CPMA and Director of Cardiovascular Disease Institute of Peking University Renmin Hospital, Mr. Dong Zhang, Associate Counsel of Mass Sport Department of GAS, Ms. Xia Zhang, Director of Science and Technology Division of Science and Education Department of GAS, Prof. Lianshi Feng, Executive Member of CSSS Council and Vice President of CISS, Prof. Guoping Li and Prof. Li Zhu, both are Vice Chairmen of CSSS, and other officials and guests attended the opening ceremony of the Forum. More than 200 people, including experts and scholars at home and abroad in the fields of sport science and medical science, participated in academic exchanges of the Forum, which was chaired by President of CISS, Mr. Liang Zhang.


The theme of the Forum was “Cooper Aerobics Supports Healthy China 2030”. Dr. Cooper, Academician Junshi Chen, Prof. Dayi Hu, Prof. Lianshi Feng, Prof. Weimo Zhu of American Illinois University, Tyler C. Cooper, M.D. and CEO of Cooper Aerobics, Prof. Sheri R. Colberg of Old Dominion University, Prof. Robert Newton of Perth Exercise Medicine Research Institute, and Prof. Xiaofeng Liang of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention have lectured at the Forum, on topics of “Exercise, The Miracle Drug”, “The Exercise is Medicine (EIM) Chinese Health Initiative”, “Mass Prevention and Treatment is the Solution to Prevent and Control of Chronical Diseases”, “Sports Benefit Health under the Strategy of Healthy China”, “The Past, Present and Future of Exercise Prescription”, “Get Cooperized: Improving Quality and Quantity of Life”, “Helping People be Active with Diabetes”, “Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Cancers by Exercise” and “Planning and Progress of Chronical Diseases Control and Prevention in China”, to facilitate the integration of sport science and medical science.

CISS signed Strategic Partnership Agreement with Cooper Aerobics Center at the Forum. Many news media including Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, China Sports Daily, Beijing TV, Sohu, Healthy Times, Beijing Evening and The Beijing News, have reported on the forum.

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