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Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences

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Address: 东京都涉谷区神南1-1-1   記念体育会

TEL: (03)3481-2427

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The Japanese Society of Physical Education(JSPE),the predecessor of JSPEHSS, was founded on February 11th, 1950, when approximately 60 members witnessed the inauguration of JSPE..In the following November, the First Annual Convention was held at theUniversityofTokyo, where 51 presentations were made and the total membership was counted 345. In 1998, the 49th Annual Convention at theUniversityofEhimehosted 514 presentations, 12 symposia, and 11 keynote lectures on 13 subfields of physical education and sports and JSPEs special symposium on "Specialization and Integration of disciplines of physical educationand sports" had its third year. The 50th Anniversary Convention was held from October 7 to 11, 1999,at theUniversityofTokyowhich was the first joint convention with other organizations related to physical education and sports.JSPEHSS was authorized as an aggregate corporation by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sciences and Technology.

JSPEHSS has the following purposes: to promote scientific interest and reserch in physical, health education and sports; to facilitate interdisciplinary communication; to advance physical education and sport as a scince; to apply the body of knowledge from the research to the practical field; and further to go a long way toward developing academic science for Japanese people. To achieve these purposes, JSPEHSS has executed following projects:
organizing the meeting for research and lecture
publicatioon of academic journal and other issues
encouragement of research and presenting an award to research accomplishment
communication and collaboration with related academic societies
implementation of international research collaboration
other projects for achievement of the purposes

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