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The 8th session of the 7th CSSS Executive Council of China Sport Science Society (CSSS) was held

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The 8th session of the 7th CSSS Executive Council of China Sport Science Society (CSSS) was held on January 23rd, 2015 in Beijing, China. Director-General of ECSS, Mr. Duan Shijie, Deputy Director-Generals, namely Mr. Tian Ye, Mr. Wang Qing, Ms. Zhu Li, Mr. Zhang Jian, Mr. Jiang Zhixue, Mr. Li Guoping, Mr. Wu Moutian, Mr. Yang Hua, Mr. Zhao Li, Mr. Ao Yingfang, and Executive Directors, namely Mr. Feng Lianshi, Mr. Sun Daguang, Mr. Quan Deqing, Mr. Chi Jian, Mr. Yan Ping, Ms. Yang Jiali, Mr. Yao Jiaxin and Mr. Zhang Jiancheng have attended the session. 9 Executive Directors asked for leave in advance. The session was chaired by Deputy Director-General & Secretary-General, Mr. Tian Ye.

In the session the Report on the Work of CSSS 2014 and the Plan of the Work of CSSS 2015 were examined and approved, the theme and selected topics of sessions of the 10th National Sport Science Congress were agreed in principal, the preparation work for Assessment of Social organizations was reported, the speeches by CAST Chairman, Mr. Han Qide and Vice Chairman, Mr. Shang Yong were conveyed and the documents issued by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) were informed. In addition, the session discussed the issue on cancelling registration of the associated company, namely Zhong Ke Ti Yu Fa Zhan Co. Ltd., and decided that the General Office of CSSS should investigate the companys brand value and the feasibility of transfer before the cancellation of its registration. If no transfer were involved, the company shall be cancelled in registration. The session participants suggested the General Office of CSSS reinforced their work on recommending projects for National Science and Technology Awards and candidate-academicans for Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Mr. Duan Shijie, Director-General of CSSS made a closing speech in the session.

Mr. Yang Jie, Deputy Secretary-General, sat in on the session. 


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