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Vice Premier of Central Government highly appreciated CSSS National Fitness Test on National Science Day

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On Sept 14 -- China National Science Day, China Sport Science Society (CSSS) joined the home activities which organized by China Association for Science and Technology in Beijing. Over 20 experts on scientific fitness and fitness testers provided fitness test, scientific fitness guide for people with the National Fitness Test Car.
The National Fitness Test Car loaded the new fitness test instruments. In the car people can do a comprehensive fitness test with over 20 items. The test result can be output in 1 minute and the experts will give fitness guide according to the result.
On 9:50 a.m., Liu Qibao, Director of Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC arrived at the activity site and visited the National Fitness Test Car. Vice president& Secretary-general of CSSS Tian Ye introduced the working principle of the car, and explained the testing items and their functions for peoples health. Liu Qibao tested the grip strength.
On 10:00 a.m., Liu Yandong, Vice Premier of State Council arrived. She asked for details of the functions, content and methods of National Fitness Test and listened to the report of National Fitness Test Work by Tian Ye. Liu Yandong highly appreciated the important role of National Fitness Test in promoting peoples health and fully confirmed the attempt to show the National Fitness Test in science-popularization. Liu Yandong also tested the grip strength.
The fitness test was warmly welcomed by people; they formed a long queue outside the test car. In the whole day about 200 people tested their fitness and guided by the scientific fitness experts.

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