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National Tour of Voluntary Service for National Fitness (Inner Mongolia Stop) held in National Fitness Day

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Aug 8 was China National Fitness Day. Sponsored by China Sport Science Society (CSSS), 10 provinces organized voluntary service activities for national fitness.
 In Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia Sport Science Society organized activities in the City of Hohhot, including the Fitness Knowledge Quiz, Sports Riddle, Fitness Test, Health Consultation, Fitness Show, Funny Competition and Dance Sport.
The Fitness Test use the 1st National Fitness Test Car in Inner Mongolia, which provided Body Composition Test, BMD Test, Blood Pressure Test, Glycosylation Test, Heart-Lung Function Test, Arteriosclerosis Test and Sub-health Test for free and invited the experts to make exercise prescription. Over 300 people received the test and guide. Volunteers also handed out more than 400 science fitness knowledge handbooks.

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