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Focusing on Powerful Government, Powerful Society, Discuss the New Management Model of China Sport

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Sponsored and China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and undertaken by China Sport Science Society (CSSS), CASTs 79th Academic Salon of New Idea and Theory was successfully held in Beijing, with the theme Powerful Government and Powerful Society—New Management Model of China Sport. Prof. Ren Hai acted as the leading scientist. Over 20 experts from Genaral Administration of Sport, Beijing Sport University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, South China Normal University, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, Xinhua News Agency and China Central Television discussed on the main topic. Nowadays China is in the course of building moderately prosperous society, in which sport will play a particular role. However, the current management model of China sport-- so called Big Government, Small Society, cannot satisfy peoples ever-increasing diversified sport demands, so scholars put forward the proposition of Transform the Sport Management Model. According to the 2 current models—big government and small society, small government and big society, Chinese academia raised a new model of Strong Government and Strong Society. Experts attending the salon generally believed that the new idea was just in its infancy but provided a new heuristic thinking. Starting with this new idea, experts stated, discussed and debated on the hotspots and key points in the transformation of China sport management. Through the heated discussion, experts put forward their new ideas and theory from different discipline angle constantly. This salon was the first academic activity in discussing China sport management transformation from multi-discipline and multi-angle, which offered important theoretical guide and practice methods in seeking new sport management model.

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