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National Tour of Voluntary Service for Scientific Fitness (Hubei Stop) held in National Science Week

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CSSS brand activity "National Tour of Voluntary Service for Scientific Fitness" continued in the year of 2013. Undertaken by sport science societies in 10 provinces, series of activities carried on in National Science Week, National Fitness Day and National Science Day.
In National Science Week, Hubei Sport Science Society held fitness tests and consultancies for people in Wuhan City.
On May 20-28, over 300 public officials and over 100 migrant workers received fitness test. All the people received sub-health test, body composition test and BMD test, part of them received 11 fitness test items, arteriosclerosis test and echocardiography.
Experts of Hubei Sport Science Society output test result of single item on site and gave fitness guidance. Within 10 working days, people could get a comprehensive analysis report.

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