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National Tour of Voluntary Service for Scientific Fitness (Xinjiang Stop) held in National Science Week

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CSSS brand activity "National Tour of Voluntary Service for Scientific Fitness" continued in the year of 2013. Undertaken by sport science societies in 10 provinces, series of activities carried on in National Science Week, National Fitness Day and National Science Day.
In National Science Week, Xinjiang Sport Science Society held 2 scientific fitness lectures for people in Karamay City.
On the morning of May 21, Prof. Li Hongjuan gave the lecture of Exercise is Medicine. Prof. Li explained the harm of deficiency of physical activity, and introduced some sport events for people in different age groups. In the afternoon, Lecturer Su Hao gave lecture of Occurring and Prevention of Exercise Risk. He interpreted from 4 aspects: Sports and Exercise Risks; Occurring of Exercise Risk; Self-evaluation of Exercise Risk; Prevention of Exercise Risk.
About 360 citizens listened to the lectures.

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