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The 3rd China Duoba International Forum on Altitude Training and Health held in Qinghai Duoba

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Sponsored by China Sport Science and Qinghai Sports Bureau, organized by Qinghai Institute of Sport Science, the 3rd China Duoba International Forum on Altitude Training and Health was held in Duoba National Training Base, Sept 28-29, 2013. Li Weibo the vice director of Science and Education Department of General Administration of Sport, Zhu Li the vice president of CSSS and China Institute of Sport Science, Yang Pei the vice director of Qinghai Sports Bureau attended the opening ceremony. About 100 scholars, researchers and coaches from China mainland, China Taipei, Australia, Japan, Korea exchanged and discussed centered on the theme Innovation and Breakthrough of Altitude Training.

Prof. Ge Rili (China) the director of National Key Lab for Altitude Medicine reported on Altitude Medicine and Health. Prof. Taiji Hozawa (Japan) the president of Sendai University reported on The Joint Research Project between Duoba National Altitude Base of Qinghai Province in China and Sendai University in Japan. Greg Roach (Australia) the assistant professor of CQ University reported on The Impact of High Altitude on the Sleep of Elite Athletes. Prof. Chen Xiaoping (China) of Ningbo University reported on Thoughts on the Altitude Training in China. Brent Vallance (Australia) the Athletics coach of Australian Olympic Team reported on Altitude Preparation Models of Australian Institute of Sport Race Walkers. Chien-wen Hou (China Taiwan) the doctor of Taipei Institute of Sports reported on Effects of Ambient Oxygen Concentration on Post-Exercise Glycogen Synthesis Rate in Human Skeletal Muscle. Kim Hyun-Shik (Korea) the doctor of Waseda University reported on Trends of the Altitude Training Research in Korea: 2000 – 2013. Ma Jia-meng (China) the doctor of Waseda University (Japan) reported on To Develop Physical Activity Guide in Altitude Environment, taking example by Physical Activity Guide in Plain Environment in China, Japan and the US. Research Fellow Ma fuhai (China) of Qinghai Institute of Sport Science reported on The Comparative Study on Plateau and Plain Senior People's Physique in China and Japan.

The forum organized subject discussion about the developing situation and newest result of altitude training home and abroad.

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