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2013 National Symposium on Competitive Sports held in Shenyang

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On Oct 18, 2013, the National Symposium on Competitive Sports solemnly opened in Shenyang Sport University. Over 400 scholars, researchers and coaches discussed under the theme Competitive Sports: Innovation-driven, Comprehensive-upgrade. As the biggest academic conference on competitive sports in China, this symposium provided the scientific researchers a platform to show the newest research result and exchange the experience in the preparation of London Olympic Games and China National Games. This symposium would play a positive role in enhancing the scientific research& service for competitive sports, promoting the innovation of sport training and improve the overall strength of Chinas competitive sports.
Party Secretary of Shenyang Sport University Prof. Yu Xiaoguang delivered the welcome speech. Vice president& Secretary-general Prof. Tian Ye made the opening speech. Xiao Tian, vice director of General Administration of Sport, made an important speech of "To Enhance the Theoretical Construction of Sport Science& Technology Team, To Free Our Minds and be Brave in Innovation".
The symposium held the theme forum: Gold Medal Strategy of Chinas Competitive Sports: Development and Transformation -- Dominant Event, Physique Event or Three Big Balls? Prof. Tian Maijiu, the most famous expert on sport training in China, gave the report of The Value of Gold Medal in Comprehensive Sports Event and its Game Strategy. Luo Chaoyi, the director of Gymnastics Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport, gave the report of To maximize the Advantages and To make up the weakness is the Inevitable Choice of Chinas Olympics Strategy. Yang Hua, president of Beijing Sport University, gave the report of Thoughts on Scientific Development of Competitive Sports. President of Capital Institute of Physical Education gave the report of Transformation of China Strategy on Competitive Sports. Feng Shuyong, head coach of China Athletic Team, gave the report of The Current Situation and Development Direction of Chinas Athletics. Hu Yang, vice president of Beijing Sport University, gave the report of Gene Polymorphism and The Gold Medal Strategy. After the reports, experts interacted with the moderator to deeply discuss the key topics.
The symposium set up 15 parallel sessions on the basic theory of sport training, training theory on different event groups, prevention of exercise injuries, cultivation and employment of athletes, etc. There were also poster thesis exchange and sport scientific product exhibition.

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