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The Executive Committee of International Federation of Sports Medicine Held the Working Meeting in Shanghai

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April 25-28, 2012, the executive committee of International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) held the working meeting in Shanghai, undertaken by China Institute of Sports Medicine and Sports Medicine Branch of CSSS.

The chairman, honorary chairman, vice chairman, treasurer, executive committee members OF FIMS and about 30 delegates from WADA, ASOIF, AWOIF and ICSSPE attended the meeting. Director of China Institute of Sports Medicine Prof. Li Guoping attended the meeting as the vice chairman of FIMS.

This meeting debriefed the working report of FIMS, discussed the preparation of World Congress of Sport Medicine and the revising and publicizing of the 3rd edition of team doctor handbook, and then determined the strategic cooperation with ACSM.

During the meeting, vice director of General Administration of Sports of China Duan Shijie met with the executive committee members of FIMS.

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