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CSSS Provided Voluntary Service for National Fitness on the National Science Day

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Sep 15-16, China Sport Science Society (CSSS) join in the 2012 National Science Day activities (Beijing home site) in Beijing Science Museum (new site). CSSS sent 2 national physique testing car and organized 15 experts and workers to provide fitness test and evaluation, exercise prescription and scientific fitness advisory for people.

National physique testing car loaded the advanced physique testing equipment, which could made comprehensive test and evaluation in short time, including 20 items as the height, the weight, body composition, blood sugar, stamina, reaction, etc. All the testing items were non-invasive and non-radiation, the testing progress was safe and convenient. Personalized exercise prescription could be issued according to the testing result.

The activities received heated welcome; about 200 people received physique test and fitness advisory. They said, the activities provided effective help for them to lead a healthy life.

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