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Training Class on Multivariate Statistics of Behavioral Science was held in Beijing

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Aug 18-22, the Training Class on Multivariate Statistics of Behavioral Science was held in Beijing Sport University. As the 2nd series of the Training Class on Sport Science Research Method, this training class was hosted by China Sport Science Society and undertaken by Sport Psychology Branch of China Sport Science Society, Sport Psychology Branch of China Psychological Society and Sport Psychology Staff Room of Beijing Sport University. Prof. Zhu Weimo from University of Illinois (in Champaign- Urbana), Prof. Zhang Liwei and Prof. Guo Lu from Beijing Sport University acted as the keynote speakers.

On Aug 18, Prof. Zhu Weimo gave lectures on The Progress in Sport Science Research Methods and Abuse of Significance Test. Aug 19-22, The 3 keynote speakers gave lectures on multivariate statistics of behavioral science. Prof. Zhu taught the Hierarchical Liner Modeling (HLM) and demonstrated the operation, Prof. Zhang taught the Multiple Regression and Subject Research, Theory and Practice of Canonical Correlation, Principal Component Analysis and Factor Analysis, Formal Structure Model and the Correspondence between Statistics Methods and Subject Research. Prof. Guo taught the Theory of Discriminant Function Analysis, Multidimensional Frequency Analysis, Theory and Operation of Logistic Regression, Multivariate Analysis of Variance and the Theory and Operation of Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance and Covariance. Staff Room of Sport Psychology of Beijing Sport University gave tutoring to the trainees on SPSS.

After the training course, the organizer issued trainees the course-completion certificate.

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