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2012 National Tour of Voluntary Service for Scientific Fitness held activities in the National Fitness Day(Sichuan stop)

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Aug 8 was the National Fitness Day, China Sport Science Society promoted 2012 National Tour of Voluntary Service for Scientific Fitness activities in all China. Under the guidance of China Sport Science Society, Sichuan Sport Science Society promoted activities in Muchuan County, Leshan City.

The launch ceremony was held on the morning of Aug 8. Leaders of Leshan Government, Muchuan Government and Sichuan Sport Science Society attended the ceremony. The activities were divided into 4 parts: Fitness Show, Fitness Knowledge Popularization, Fitness Test and Advisory and Fitness Lecture.

Fitness Show was organized by Muchuan Government. Fitness enthusiasts from clubs, communities and schools to show Wushu, street dancing, square gymnastics, radio calisthenics. Many citizens join in the activity to exchange the fitness experience.

Fitness Knowledge Popularization was organized by Sichuan Sport Science Society. They made 43 posters to introduce knowledge about physique, health, nutrition, fitness, injury, etc. Athletics and coaches from Sichuan Sports Bureau provided fitness guidance for people. In the activity site, staff gave out 600 fitness knowledge handbooks.

Fitness Test and Advisory was supported by Sichuan Sport Science Society, they provided related equipment workers. People firstly accepted fitness test then listened to the suggestion by experts one on one, all the service were free. During the 2 days, over 500 people accepted the test and advisory.

Fitness Lecture was moderated by Prof. Zhang Yihong and Prof. Yang Hong, 500 people listened to the lecture.

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