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The 6th Member Congress of Sport Science Society of Fujian Province held in Fuzhou

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On Jan 19, 2013, the 6th Member Congress of Sport Science Society of Fujian Province and the Symposium on Society Development and Reform was held in Fuzhou.

On behalf of president of the 5th committee, the secretary of the 5th committee gave the working report. The member congress voted through the financial auditing report, the candidates list of 6th committee members, honorary members, consultants, etc. At last, the 6th committee was successfully established.

On the following symposium, congress representatives discussed the reform and development of the society. The new president Chen Shengping summarized the symposium:

1st, innovating the system of the society to attract more members especially young members.

2nd, establishing the academic platform to promote the academic exchange and innovation.

3rd, enhancing the cooperation with colleges and universities to broaden the information channel for the members.

4th, applying more research subject to provide more research platform and cooperation chances for the members.

5th, promoting the development of branches.

6th, establishing selecting& awarding mechanism to encourage the scientific innovation.

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