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The 4th Conference of CSSS 7th Standing Committee held in Beijing

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On Dec 26, 2012, the 4th Conference of CSSS' 7th Standing Committee was held in Beijing.20 of all the 27 members attended the conference. Members deliberated and approved the 2012 working summary and 2013 working plan framework, the China Sport Science Society Member Service Regulation (trial), and then reported some important document from China Association for Science and Technology. At last, Duan Shijie, president of CSSS, gave the summary report.

President Duan Shijie affirmed the 2012 work and 2013 working methods. He emphasized that 2013 was the opening year of implementing the spirit of 18th CPC National Congress and the 12th five-year plan. The new request of sports work made by the 18th CPC National Congress should be the guide of CSSS in current and future. He required the standing committee and secretariat to do the following work:

First, to pay close attention on social development and know the national conditions in depth, to fully understand the status and function of sports in building the well-off society, and then think over the role of our organization.

Second, to play a bigger role in public decision-making consultation, to utilize our advantage in knowledge and talents to solve the problem the government concerned with.

Third, to organize the sport scientists to research and overcome the obstacles in the development of sports, and to guide the sport scientists to provide science and technology support for the scientific development of China sports.

Fourth, to play more important part in serving the society, do more in popularizing sport knowledge and leading the social morality.

Fifth, to promote the self-construction of our organization, increase the service level for sport scientists, and to explore our own development pattern.

Sixth, to increase the level and effect of the academic activities, enhance the connection between subjects; to guide the scientists to climb the peak to sport science and technology through the designing of topics and forms.
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