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National Tour of Voluntary Service for Scientific Fitness launched in Sichuan

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On May 17, CSSS brand activity-- 2013 National Tour of Voluntary Service for Scientific Fitness held the launch ceremony in the city of Ziyang, Sichuan Province. Leaders of CSSS, Ziyang Government and Sichuan Sports Bureau attended the ceremony. Sichuan Sport Science Society organized experts, coaches, social sports instructors to compose the volunteer team to guide scientific fitness methods for people.

Various activities were carried out on that day, including 5 themes: Fitness Show, Scientific Fitness Lecture, Square Aerobics Teaching, Fitness Knowledge Posters and Fitness Test& Guidance.

In the Fitness Show, fitness enthusiasts showed aerobics, taijiquan and other characteristic sport events and exchanged with citizens. In Scientific Fitness Lecture, professor from Chengdu Sport University introduced fitness knowledge and taught fitness methods and ways. In Square Aerobics Teaching Area, Fitness Volunteers guided and demonstrated the main skill and led people dancing together. In Fitness Knowledge Posters, workers prepared 100 illustrated posters to communicate fitness knowledge. In Fitness Test& Guide Area, people received body composition test, cardiac function test, BMD test, etc. According to the result, experts gave exercise prescription for them.

During the activities, workers handed out 1000 handbooks such as Scientific Fitness Q&A, Knowledge of Fitness.

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