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The 3rd Chinese Symposium on Sport Psychology held in Macao

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On Dec 12-13, 2012, The 3rd Chinese Symposium on Sport Psychology was held in Macao. The conference was initiated by Sport Psychology Organization in China Mainland, Hongkong, Macao and China Taipei, with the purpose of promoting the localization of sport psychology and Chinese academic exchange.

The theme of the 3rd conference was Sports and Health, Harmony and Happiness. The conference enrolled 219 theses including 4 main reports, 31 subject reports and 184 posters.

Prof. Sidonio Serpa the chairman of ISSP reported on Psychology and the Development of Olympic Games. Prof. Peter Terry the chairman of ASPASP reported on The Situation and Developing Trends of Sport Psychology in Asia. Prof. Si Gangyan the secretary-general of ISSP reported on Soft Adaptation. The conference specially invited Prof. You Xuqun the vice president of Chinese Psychological Society to report on Culture, Turnover and CRM: Reference for Constructing and Managing the Culture of Professional Sports Team.

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