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China Sport Science was selected the Highest International Impact Academic Journal of China

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List of evaluating academic journals with international impact was launched by China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House, China Scientific Literature Evaluation and Measuring Research Center and Library of Tsinghua University in Beijing at the first time on Dec 26, 2012, which is 2012’ the highest international impact academic journals and the excellent international impact academic journals of China. 418 titles of academic journals of science and technology and humanities and social sciences were enrolled in the name list. Wu Shulin, who is deputy director of General Administration of Press and Publication attended and gave a speech. The conference, which was the first time of China to disclose achievements and problems of China’s academic journals to the whole society comprehensively, systematically and deeply, indicated China's academic journals have had unified international impact logo.

China Sport Science, the Proceedings of China Sport Science Society, was selected the Highest International Impact Academic Journal of China and ranked the 13th in all the journals in humanities and social sciences. Sport Science was also ranked the 1st in composite impact factor of journals in sport science for the successive 2nd time.

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