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The preparatory work of CSSS began in the early 1960th. At that time sport academies, colleges and scientific institutions had established in China, to enhance the lateral communication and academic exchanges, on July 28th 1964, at the suggestion of sport scientists and technologists from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, etc., the First Conference of Scientific Committee of China State Sports Commission decided to establish China Sport Science Society, then drafted the constitution of the society and considered the candidates of the council members. However, the process was postponed for some objective reasons. In 1978, at the appeal of representatives of the State Sports Commission in the National Science Conference and the representatives attending the 2nd National Sports Working Conference, a preparatory committee was set up with the leader Rong Gaotang in August 1979. After a year of intense preparation, on December 15th1980, the Inaugural Meeting of China Sport Science Society was held in Beijing, and 300 representatives from 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities attended. The 1st council comprising 93 persons was elected with Huangzhong as the director-general. In May 1985, the 2nd National Member Congress was held in Chongqing, the 2nd council comprising 105 persons was elected, and Huangzhong was re-elected director-general.

In December 1990, the 3rd National Member Congress was held in Tianjin, the 3rd council was elected with Wu Shaozu as the director-general. In September 1995, the 4th National Member Congress was held in Xi’an, the 4th council was elected with Yuan Weimin as the director-general. In December 2000, the 5th National Member Congress was held in Wuhan, the 5th council was elected with Duan Shijie as the director-general. In February 2004, the 6th National Member Congress was held in Beijing, the 6th council was elected and Duan Shijie was re-elected director-general. In March 2011, the 7th National Member Congress was held in Shanghai, the 7th council was elected with Duan Shijie as the director-general.

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