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Branch of Sport Training

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I History

Branch of Sport Training of China Sport Science Society (CSSS), the original 5 branches of CSSS, was established in 1980s, with Beijing Sport College as the subordinated unit (Now known as Beijing Sport University). In last 30 years, Branch of Sport Training played a positive role in promoting the theory and practice of Chinas competitive sports and became an important new force in developing Chinas sports.

The process of development of Branch of Sport Training can be divided into three periods: newly establishing, enhancing and developing, deepening and exploring.

Period of newly establishing

Branch of Sport Training was based on the need of the development of Chinas society and athletic sports. Before 1980s, Chinas sport training completely took examples from the former Soviet Union and summarized the experience of individual events, which was not sufficient any more as time went by. Meanwhile, the competitiveness of foreign countries was improving constantly so China need to narrow the great gap seriously. In order to win a place in the world competition, to improve Chinas strength of competitive sport, we need to develop our own systematic theory of sport training and also need an organization to unite the nationwide workers of sport training to enhance Chinas sport training, so Branch of Sport Training was born.

According to the development condition of domestic and abroad competitive sports, besides the hard work of research and serving sport training, Branch of Sport Training was devoted in perfecting the organization of the society and extending the cooperation with other sport federations. In the annual conference of sport training, 1981, we established the properties, functions, missions of Branch of Sport Training, drafted the outline of theory system of sport training and programmed our basic jobs in future 10 years, which produced a crucial guide effect to our societys development.

Period of improving and developing

In 1990s, Chinas competitive sport level was remarkable advanced as the implement of Olympic Strategy, and the quick development of sport training practice urgently need the guide of theory. Moreover, as the intensification of the trend of competitive sports socialization, commercialization and marketization, the new competition systems came out, they led to many new phenomena and problems, which raised new claims to the theory of sport training. And the new achievements of relevant theoretical subjects also provided nutrition to Chinas sport training.

In this period, branch of sport training made outstanding achievements in theoretical development and training practice. In theoretical level, we originated event-group training theory which constructed the sport training theory system with three levels: general training theory, event-group theory and event training theory. In practical level, firstly we chased and served the sport team perennially, secondly we provided service to the programs of science development focused on big events, and thirdly we contacted many other subjects to bring out academic spreading activities positively. In this 10 years, the research subjects and practical service of the core member in our branch got admiration from coaches and athletes, many of the subjects gained the awards from sport bureaus.

Period of exploring

During 2000-2009, Chinas systemic reform was further deepened, in 2001 China join in the WTO and made breakthroughs in many fields. The life standard and quality of our people was further raised, they concerned in our countrys athletic sport and sport training more and more. During this period, China had the task of hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, our country supported a great quantity of manpower, material and capital in sport training. In such conditions, branch of sport training confronted unprecedented chances and obstacles. To make athletic advantages and breakthroughs in 2004 Olympic Games, to win great honor for China in 2008 Olympic Games, the era entrusted branch of sport training with unprecedentedly heavy burden. We must answer many vital questions both in theoretical and practical level:

---- Research on development strategies of sports in 21st century.

---- Promote the establishment of sport training with Chinese characteristic.

---- Make breakthroughs in the training of some key events in Olympic Games.

---- Serve the preparation of 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.


These new subjects made our branch explore new ways to develop ourselves despite of work tightly focused on academic theoretical construction and scientific service. To find new desire of the society, branch of sport training positively supported relevant branch fields to promote professional academic research, and enlarged the service realm of athletic sport training, raised the academic research level of sport training. We need to gain more support depending on service effects of high quality.

II Organization structure

III Academic activities

From 1980, every year we at least organized or assisted organizing 5-6 academic conferences, including the annual meeting of our branch, the lectures and seminars organized with associations for individual event. We also attend the conferences held by China Association for Science and Technology, China Sport Science Society and meetings of world sport events. According to incomplete statistics, during the 30 years we independently organized 41 academic conferences, and jointly organized over 80 conferences, we attended 37 conferences and 16 international academic activities. The total number of people who attend those conferences above can reach 25,000, with ten thousands thesis presented. There were 317,896 thesis on sport training are collected by CNKI.


IV Disciplinary Development

In 1950-1960, sport training in China had a weak fundamental. The written theory was mainly from literature and speech of former USSA and Deutschland. In the early 1980s, sport training society began to construct systematical sport training theory. On the annual conference in 1981, committee members discussed on the theoretical system outline of sport training in detail, and then published the Sport Training Handout. Then, sport colleges started to edit their own textbook of sport training. Guo Jiangxing(1990), Tian Maijiu(2000, 2006), Xu Benli(2006) respectively edited the general textbook of sport training for sport university and colleges. Yang Hua, Li Zonghao and Chi Jian (2007) edited the Introductory Theory of Sport Training textbook for sport post-graduate students.

China’s Olympic Strategy desired the leading of sport training theory. Close integrating with coaches’ practice, Tian Maijiu and Wu Fuquan edited the Scientific Exploration of Sport Training. This book, which then assigned as the guidance book of national team coach, comprehensively taught the training management, athlete selection, training evaluation, training plan, training methods, resume after training, etc. From 1990, China Sport Science Society held 8 National Training Course for Scientific Training, taking the book as the main textbook, powerfully enhanced the scientification of sport training in China.

As the advance of China’s sport training theory and practice, experts of our branch published a lot of academic results. For instance, Tian Maijiu built the event-group training theory, which constructed a new three-level theory system with the previous general training theory and the event-specific training theory.

V International Communication

      At the early-building, targeting on the weak fundamental of China’s sport training, our branch made the policy of Go out and Come in. In 1982-1989, our branch sent 13 experts to West Germany, US, Japan, Australia and other countries to study and exchange. They brought back a lot of new ideas, thoughts and methods which played an important role in the development of sport training in China. Meanwhile, our branch invited many world-famous sport training experts from the former USSA, Japan, Germany, Ukraine, etc. to give lectures and attend conference, which promoting the communication between the east and the west.

      Taking advantage of the opportunity of 2008 Olympic Games, our branch carried out academic activities widely. In 2002, we invited Prof. Ulrich Hartman, the world-famous expert, visited China. During the 2 weeks’ visit, Prof. Hartman gave 4 lectures in Tsinghua University, gave 2 lectures for China Rowing Team and discussed on alpine skiing and downhill skiing with Chinese sport managers and scientists. In 2004, we held China- Germany Symposium on Sport Training Theory in Beijing. In 2005, we invited 15 German Scientists and 18 Chinese scientists discussed on Science and Practice of Sport Training-- Multi- disciplinary Research and Prospect. In 2006, on the International Forum on 2008 Olympic Games Preparation (sponsored by CSSS), we invited Prof. В.С.Рубин in Moscow Sport University to give lecture. In the same year, Prof. Zhong Bingshu the vice chairman of our branch attended the 2nd International Forum on Sport Training. In 2000-2009, Prof. Tian Maijiu visited Germany, Russia and other countries for 5 times, exchanging ideas and theories with famous experts.

VI Science popularization

      In 1984 we held the 1st National Training Course on Sport Training, training 113 trainees from 20 provinces. In 1985 we held a course on sport training in Guizhou. In 1988 we held the 2nd National Training Course on Scientific Sport Training in Wuhan Institute on Physical Education. In 1990, we held the 3rd course in Sichuan. In 1991, we held the 4th in Hebei. Then we held another 4 courses with Training Department of General Administration of Sport. In the preparation of 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, we organized 40 experts to give lectures on sport training and scientific Olympics in a dozen provinces, which promoting the spread of new sport training theory and the scientification of sport training in China.

VII Other work

Serve the sports practice and enhance the theory application

      From the early building our branch attempted to serve the coaches and athletes preparing for national and international games. Early in 1982-1985, we set up scientific research projects targeted on the 9th Asian Games and the 23rd Olympic Games to research some events. From then on, many medals in International Games gathered the wisdom and hard work of our experts.

Cultivate academic talents

      In 1980-1985, we trained 150 professionals. In 1986-1989, we trained 300 professionals. In 1989-2009, we trained 1234 professionals. In 1989, 1990, 1992, 1996, we sent 20 young scholars to study abroad. In 1989, 1992, 1995, 1998, we invited experts to hold training course on relevant subjects. In 1989-1999, we established cooperating relationship with more than 50 academic institutes, 130 colleges (include research centers in colleges) and 20 sport companies. In 1999-2009, our branch sent over 30 experts to serve the sports team, especially in the preparation of 2008 Olympic Games.

Cooperate with institutes and companies

      Sport Training is an interactive and integrated discipline. To avoid the limitation of single discipline, our branch did great efforts in absorbing talents from different disciplines in order to promote horizontal and vertical alliance with other disciplines. We established communicating and cooperating relationship with most of the sport colleges and research institutes in China. We successively enhanced the combination between general training theory and event-specific training theory through academic conference, joint research, training course, practice discussion and interaction with other organizations, which constantly enhanced our overall strength.


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