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Branch of Wushu

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I history

China Wushu Society was built in Beijing, June 25th, 1987. In 1992 it changed to the Branch of Wushu of China Sport Science Society. It is the only academic society of sports event in all the branches, and now subordinated to Wushu Research Institute of State Sport General Administration.

The chairman of the 1st committee of the Branch of Wushu is Xu Cai, with Cai Longyun, Liu Xiuzheng, Zhang Wenguang as the vice chairmen, Zhang Shan as the secretary-general, Xia Baihua, Pan Yijing, Zhou Lishang as the vice secretary-general. There were 108 committee members consisting of skilled experts, scholars and research administrative staff. Till now there has been 5 terms of committees, the following is the newest one:


Gao Xiaojun

Vice Chairman

Wang Yulong

Chen Guorong

Zhu Ruiqi

Yu Dinghai

Zeng Yujiu


Kang Gewu (pluralistic)

Vice Secretary-general

Luo Weimin

Hong Hao(pluralistic)



Members of the Standing Committee


Kang Gewu

Feng Hongfang  

Hong Hao 

Chen Yabin

Zhao Bin


Zhao Qiuju 

Zhou Zhihua

Li Wanghua

Mei Hangqiang


Members of the Committee


Ma Minqin

Ma Jian

Zhu Yongguang

Lin Xiaomei

Zhou Weiliang


Wang Jianhua

Feng Hongpeng

Hua Miaolin

Li Chengyin

Li Dexiang


Liu Dingyi  

Qiao Biao

Tian Jinlong

Dai Linbin

Zhai Shoutao


Liang Shaozong

Zhao Youbin

Gao Wenbin

Dan Tongling

Wang Lifeng


Guo Yucheng





Organization Structure

The Committee consists of 1 chairman, 2-3 vice chairmen, 1 secretary-general, 1-3 vice secretaries-general, several standing committee members and committee members.

Academic Activities

The branch of Wushu held the 1st and 2nd National Academic Seminar of Wushu in 1987 and 1988. Till the year of 1990, the Wushu Research Institute was held every 2 years. In recent years, as the deepening and developing of Wushu research, academic activities of the branch of Wushu increased annually, each year we held 2-5 academic activities, such as thesis meeting, thesis symoposium, summit forum and other forms.


1. October, Thesis meeting of the 2nd World Traditional Martial Arts Festival, Henan Zhengzhou.

2. September, Taijiquan International Summit Forum, Hebei Handan.


1. August, the 4th thesis meeting of Taijiquan, Henan Jiaozuo.

2. August, International Emei Wushu Forum, Emei Mountain, Sichaun.


1. August, the 5th China Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Friendly Match& International Taijiquan Summit Forum.

2. August, Seminar of Definition and Courtesy of Wushu, Henan Dengfeng.

3. August, Summit Forum of 30 Years Development of Wushu and Sanda, Henan Zhengzhou.

4. August, Summit Forum of International Taijiquan Communication Conference, Guizhou Qingzhen.


1. July, Academic Lecture of the 10th Shanghai International Wushu Exportation and the 2nd Shenjiang International Wushu Forum, Shanghai.

2. October, Thesis Meeting of China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival, Henan Zhengzhou.

3. November, 2010 National Wushu Thesis Meeting, Shanghai.

Development of the Subject

Wushu is the treasure of Chinese Culture. In thousands of years, it was handed down from generation to generation. In New China, Wushu has made outstanding achievements and developed rapidly in China.

The purpose of the branch of Wushu is to unite and organize the professional and amateurish Wushu researchers to fight for the prosperity of Wushu career, the improving of Wushu scientists and technologists and the development of Wushu. The principle and task of the branch of Wushu is: to advocate the dialectical materialism and historical materialism, to persist in freedom of thought, to initiate scientific moral and good learning spirits; To initiate academic exchanges, to energize academic thoughts, to improve the scientific standard, to organize academic discussion, to popularize Wushu knowledge and broaden the research achievements and experience in order to accelerate the spread and development of Wushu.

Under the leading of China Sport Science Society and Wushu Research Institute, The branch of Wushu earnestly organizes experts and scholars in Wushu field to promote academic research, to consummate the Wushu theoretical system and earn a sum of brilliant achievements.

(1)Research team is enlarging

Now there is a strong scientific research team consisting of Wushu teachers, postgraduate students, coaches, folk wushu masters and experts from other subjects. Among the universities in China, there are 38 sport universities set up the college or department of wushu, and over 100 normal university set up the wushu staff room. 4 universities have doctoral program and over 70 have postgraduate program. Teachers and professionals of wushu subject in universities and colleges is at least 10 times more than 20 years ago. The constant enlarging of wushu research team is a powerful guarantee for wushu research and the constant development.

(2)The widening and deepening of wushu research

Research of wushu subject can be divided into theoretical research and technical research, and the theoretical research contains the basic theoretical research and applied theoretical research. Basic theory of wushu means the narrow sense of wushu, especially the connotation of wushu theory system, and it includes wushu theory, wushu historiography, wushu philosophy, martial arts, technical principles, etc. Applied theory of wushu means the extension of wushu, which contains wushu injury and health care, wushu courtesy and morality, wushu teaching and training, wushu competition and wushu management. Technical research is divided into drill technique and combat technique.

In recent years, as the constant developing and spreading of wushu technology, wushu research, established in the modern wushu theory and technology, inherits the tradition and open up the future. Wushu research is widening and deepening in all fields.

Subordinated Unit

Now the branch of Wushu is subordinated to the research institute of Wushu of the State Sport General Administration which established in 1986. The president of the institute is Gao Xiaojun.

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