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Branch of Sport Computer Application

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I History

The informatization of sport in China began in the middle 1980s. For the preparation of Beijing Asian Games, the former State Sports Commission investigated the application of computer in foreign countries and established some specialist agencies such as the office of computer application, institute of information, center of electronic information, which was the beginning of Chinas sport informatization.

The Branch of Computer Application of CSSS in established in January 1987 with approval of the standing committee of CSSS. Now it is subordinated to the Shanghai University of Sport. In March 2005, the 5th Member Congress held in Shandong elected the 5th committee consisting of 22 persons with Zhao Li as the chairman. In February 2011, the 7th Member Congress held in Shanghai elected the 7th committee consisting of 26 persons with Dai Jian as the chairman.

II Organization Structure

Chairman: Dai Jian

Vice Chairman Jiang Yong   Hong Yuming   Shi Zhihao   Zhang Hui

Members of the Standing Committee (Listed in the Order of the strokes in their surnames):

Liu Yu   Liu Meijin   Zhang Hui   Shi Zhihao   Hong Yuming   Zhong Yaping   Jiang Hongwei   Jiang Yong   Dai Jian

Secretary-general: Zhang Hui (Pluralistic)

Members of the Committee (Listed in the order of the strokes in their surnames)

Wang Guanghe   Liu Yu   Liu Weimin   Liu Meijin   Qi Fang   Zhu Li   Xu Yicheng   Li Shangbin   Li Xiaodong   Li Weiqing   Zhang Minchao   Zhang Hui   Yi Mingnong   Shi Zhihao   Hong Yuming   Zhong Yaping   Zhao Huiqun   Yao Yao   Jiang Hongwei   Jiang Yong   Guan Yepeng   Lei Zhao   Peng Yong   Dai Jian   Dai Jinbiao   Wei Zhengang


III Calendar of Academic Activities

1. In May 1994, Seminar of OA Technique Standard of Sport Universities was held in Beijing.

2. In October 1994, Lecture of Computer Application in Sports was held.

3. In March 2005, the 1st meeting of the 5th Conference of the Branch of Computer Application of CSSS was held in Shandong Sport University (branch of Rizhao).

4. In May 2005, published the "Notice of Science& Technology Research Subjects of CSSS (Branch of Computer Application)".Through the qualification, evaluation and the final review, 16 research subjects were initiated.

5. In May 2007, Academic Communication Conference of Branch of Computer Application was held in Lijiang, Yunnan.

6. In May 2009, Seminar of Branch of Computer Application was held in school of computer and information engineering of Hehai University, Changzhou, Jiangsu.

7. In December 2010, Academic Conference of China Sport Computer Application was held in Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology.

8. The 1st meeting of the 7th committee of the Branch of Computer Application will be held in Shanghai Sport University.

IV The Development of the Subject

The application of high technology in the training work has been the main trend of athletic sports. The combination, inter-infiltration, mutual promotion of modern scientific theory and technology has been the main power of the development of basic research and athletic sports. As the concessive development of computer science and technology, it has infiltrated into all fields of sports, sports have begun to step into "age of science" from "age of experience", and technology of computer and information processing is playing a critical role in sport training, education, competition, management and other fields.

V Introduction of the Subordinated Unit

Shanghai University of Sport (SUS), the very first university of its kind in New China, was established in November 1952. Over the past 50 years, SUS has always been devoted to the teaching of the science of physical culture and sports. With "developing the students both physically and mentally with a balanced education of liberal arts and science, and with the mutual enhancement of morality and techniques in order to cultivate all-round talents for the society" as its educational principle, the University has carried forward its fine teaching traditions and has created a favorable cultural and academic atmosphere. With "developing both physically and mentally; being athletic, competitive and persevering" as its motto, SUS is dedicated to nurturing a teaching and learning spirit characterized by "being careful and precise, honest and sincere; living up to the name of a teacher and realizing that teaching benefits teachers and students alike". SUS comprises schools and departments that offer bachelor and postgraduate programs, programs for adults and programs for overseas students, as well as one affiliated competitive sport school. There are 8 teaching schools and departments: School of Physical Education and Sports Coaching, Wushu School (School of Martial Arts), School of Sports and Humanities, School of Kinesiology, School of Economics and Management, the Leisure and Recreation Department, School of International Cultural Exchange, and School of Continuing Education. As one of the best sport universities in China, SUS currently offers 14 undergraduate programs: Physical Education, Leisure and Recreation, Sports Coaching, Social Sports, Traditional Chinese Sports, Dance Choreography, Sport Science, Applied Psychology, English, Journalism, Public Administration, Marketing, Information Management and Information Systems, as well as Health Rehabilitation; 4 doctoral programs, as well as 11 postgraduate programs in which the Sports Event Management and the Sport Journalism programs are the only majors in mainland China.

The University has taken an active part in international academic exchange and cooperation. At present, it has established a sound exchange relationship with more than 40 universities from more than 10 countries and regions of the world, mainly from the United States of America, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Finland, Australia and other countries and districts. In April 2006, the Ministry of Education of China granted the University the authority to admit overseas students with the Chinese Government Scholarship.

VI International Academic Activities

The 8th International Association of Computer Science in Sports will held in Shanghai, Sept.21th, 2011.

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