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Branch of Sport Industry

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I History

To promote the research and development of Chinas sport industry, in 2004, China Sport Science Society decided to add 3 branches despite of the 14 branches then. After the approval of China Association for Science and Technology, State Ministry of Civil Affairs and Shanghai Administration Bureau of NGOs, the branch of sport industry was established and subordinated to Shanghai University of Sport.

On May 24th, 2005, the Inaugural Conference of Branch of Sport Industry of China Sport Science Society was held in Shanghai. Yang Xiaodu, the vice president of Shanghai, addressed the conference. Representatives from General Administration of Sport, China Sport Science Society, Shanghai Administration Bureau of NGOs, Shanghai Sport Bureau and Shanghai University of Sports attended the conference. The establishment of branch of sport industry, in the tune with the socialization, marketization and industrialization of Chinese sports, was benefit to promote the development of Chinas sport industry in conjunction of the theory, intelligence and humanities of sport colleges, and the successful experience of sport corporations.

The chairman of the 1st committee of our branch was Yao Songping, the president of Shanghai University of Sports. Members were taken charge by governors from sport bureaus, experts from universities and leaders of sport corporations. The first full council decided the guidelines of our branch: to take the three represents theory as guidelines, to take harmonious society as the principle, to grasp the business opportunities and to cultivate and explore the sports market; to make effort to provide theoretical and intelligent service for the acceleration of Chinas sport industrialization and the cultivation of Chinas sports market. The working principle of our branch is: to persist in serving for the development of society and economy of our country; to persist in serving for the reformation and development of the sport bureaus; to persist in serving for the members of the branches; to persist in serving for the international competitiveness of Chinas sport industry; to persist in serving for peoples increasing demand of sports consumption.

On May the 7th, 2011, the 1st full conference of the 2nd term of our branch was held in Shanghai, and the 2nd committee of our branch was established, with Zhang Jiancheng (president of Shanghai University of Sports) as the chairman. This conference determined the 12th 5-year-plan of our branch.

Since the establishment, branch of sport industry has promoted a batch of substantial work, which accomplished the scheduled aim and tasks of our branch and gained delightful results.

II Organization structure

To secure the normal operation of the work, branch of sport industry set up three bodies under the committee:

Secretariat, director: PhD. Huang Haiya

Office of Science, director: Prof. Zhong Tianlang

Office of Development, director: PhD. Shen Jia

III Academic activities


Dec 2005, we held the 1st national conference for sport industry. We enrolled 181 theses of high quality. The success of the conference took the positive functions to promote the healthy, persistent and stable development of Chinas sport industry.


April 2006, we held the national seminar for discipline construction of sport industry management. 18 universities sent their relevant experts to attend the seminar, including Beijing Sport University, Shanghai University of Finance Economics, Hubei University, Jimei University. The seminar discussed the teacher cultivation, textbook development, cooperation methods, etc. , and set up the professional committee of discipline construction of branch of sport industry, subordinated to Wuhan University of Physical Education.

Dec 2006, the 2nd national conference for sport industry was held in Shanghai. This conference built a platform for the professionals on sport industry, and received over 160 theses.


Oct 2007, we hosted the grand workshop for sport sponsor and marketing. We invited famous expert Dr. David K. Stotlar and Prof. Yao Songping (chairman of the 1st committee of branch of sport industry) to give lessons for corporations related to sports from all China about the characteristics and requires of sport marketing.

In the mid Oct 2007, we hosted the 1st China sports tourism exportation jointly with Shanghai sports bureau.

In the same year, we cooperated with the Great Britain to undertake the "Olympic You and Me" activity for Bank of China, which further expand the popularity and influence of branch of sport industry.


Nov 2008, the 3rd national seminar for discipline construction of sport industry management was held in Guangdong Oceans University, the theme was "the development of Chinas sport leisure industry and the cultivation of professionals". Representatives from more than 20 universities attended the conference. The success of the conference efficiently promoted the discipline construction of Chinas sport leisure subject.

Dec 2008, the 3rd national conference for sport industry was held in Ningbo University in Zhejiang, the theme was "Development of China Sport Industry after Olympics". The conference received 280 theses. The discussion on the conference further expanded the theory system of the sport industry and promoted the discipline construction of sport industry management.


Sept 2009 the 1st youth forum on sport industry was held in Shanghai Normal University with the theme "task of young scholars in the development of China sport industry". 30 young scholars from teens of universities fully discussed relevant subjects.

Nov 2009, the "2009 Shanghai Forum for Urban Leisure Sports& Sport Education of Mainland and Taiwan" was held in Shanghai University of Sports. Focus on the theme "Sport, Leisure, Education: Make Life Better", experts from the mainland, Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao carried on extensive exchange and deep discussion.

Dec 2009, the 4th national conference for sport industry was held in Shenyang Sport University, with the theme "Sport Industry and City Development". The conference received 236 theses.


Aug 2010, undertaken by branch of sport industry, Fujian Sport Federation and Jinjiang Government, the 1st seminar for sport industry between mainland and Taiwan was held in Jinjiang. Centered on the theme "enhance the exchange and cooperation, to achieve the win-win prospect", experts and corporation leaders from the mainland and Taiwan jointly discussed the cooperation scheme between the strait, and looked into the delightful future of cooperative development.

Nov 2010, the 2nd youth forum for sport industry was held in Shanghai University of Sports, with the theme "sport industry and city development". After the success of the 1st forum, it received enthusiastic response from universities. Over 30 representatives who attended the forum were from 7 provinces. In the forum, young representatives discussed and exchanged deeply centered on hotspots such as the relation between sport games and city development.

Dec 2010, the 5th national conference for sport industry was held in Nanjing Sport University, the theme was "the chance and obstacles of sport industry in the process towards sport power". The conference received over 200 theses.

IV Subject development

May 2010, branch of sport industry hosted the 4th national seminar for discipline construction of sport industry. The seminar was aimed to enhance the exchange and cooperation of universities on the construction of sport industry, to be aware of the status and future of the discipline construction and to comprehensively put forward the construction and development of Chinas sport industry management subject. 40 experts of 20 universities from all China discussed on subjects as cultivation and developing aims of managers of Chinas sport economics and industry. The 2-day seminar had two forms: subject report and group discussion. Combined with their own experience, representatives introduced the experience and problems in talent cultivation, course arrangement, textbook construction, teacher team, enrolment and vocation, etc. Moreover, representatives discussed deeply on the integrate arrangement standard of textbook, subject cultivation and vocational market, gap between theory and practice and gave advice aimed at the way to establish and develop the sport industry management and other relevant subjects.

V Subordinated unit

Shanghai University of Sport (SUS), the very first university of its kind in New China, was established in November 1952. Over the past 50 years, SUS has always been devoted to the teaching of the science of physical culture and sports. With "developing the students both physically and mentally with a balanced education of liberal arts and science, and with the mutual enhancement of morality and techniques in order to cultivate all-round talents for the society" as its educational principle, the University has carried forward its fine teaching traditions and has created a favorable cultural and academic atmosphere. With "developing both physically and mentally; being athletic, competitive and persevering" as its motto, SUS is dedicated to nurturing a teaching and learning spirit characterized by "being careful and precise, honest and sincere; living up to the name of a teacher and realizing that teaching benefits teachers and students alike". SUS comprises schools and departments that offer bachelor and postgraduate programs, programs for adults and programs for overseas students, as well as one affiliated competitive sport school. There are 8 teaching schools and departments: School of Physical Education and Sports Coaching, Wushu School (School of Martial Arts), School of Sports and Humanities, School of Kinesiology, School of Economics and Management, the Leisure and Recreation Department, School of International Cultural Exchange, and School of Continuing Education. As one of the best sport universities in China, SUS currently offers 14 undergraduate programs: Physical Education, Leisure and Recreation, Sports Coaching, Social Sports, Traditional Chinese Sports, Dance Choreography, Sport Science, Applied Psychology, English, Journalism, Public Administration, Marketing, Information Management and Information Systems, as well as Health Rehabilitation; 4 doctoral programs, as well as 11 postgraduate programs in which the Sports Event Management and the Sport Journalism programs are the only majors in mainland China.

The University has taken an active part in international academic exchange and cooperation. At present, it has established a sound exchange relationship with more than 40 universities from more than 10 countries and regions of the world, mainly from the United States of America, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Finland, Australia and other countries and districts. In April 2006, the Ministry of Education of China granted the University the authority to admit overseas students with the Chinese Government Scholarship.

VI International organizations and academic activities

Sept 2006, cooperated with C-Zone, representatives from branch of sport industry attended the C-Zone Forum in London. On Nov.16th, 4 experts from research center of sport industry of Sheffield Hallam University visited Shanghai University of Sports. Apr 2007, our branch once again invited the experts from research center of sport industry of Sheffield Hallam University to give lessons and exchange, and discussed together on cooperation in future.

VII Science popularization

In 2006, sponsored by Foshan Sport Bureau, branch of sport industry assisted editing the book on Guangdong Provincial Sports Games and trained the managers of sport bureau.

Aug 2008, branch of sport industry gave the post training course for staff of Fujian Shuhua Corporation, which enhanced the awareness of consulting service for corporations and extended the social influence of our branch.

2009, hosted by economic office and personnel office of the general administration of sport and undertaken by Shanghai University of Sports and branch of sport industry, on Mar. 23th- 28th, the 1st National Higher Course of Sport Industry was held in Shanghai. Managing leaders on sport industry from 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and cities directly specifically designated to the state plan. Forms of the course had experts lessons, trainees  discussion and on-site investigation, which referred to the developing status of Chinas cultural sport industry, current condition of domestic and international economics and the development of sport industry, sport industry and city development, current status and trend of sport leisure industry, etc.

VIII Other jobs

Burdened by branch of sport industry, "Statistical Research on China Sport and Relevant Industry" was concluded in 2007, and jointed published by state statistical bureau and general administration of sport, which became the 1st national statistical standard with sanctions in China sports. On the basis of establishing the concept, classification and target system of sport industry, we designed the suitable statistical scheme and made proper calculation according to the 1st national economic general survey. Leaders of general administration and state statistical bureau highly appreciated the research result and pointed that the research subject lay a solid foundation for establishing the statistical system and researching on policies of sport industry. The research result won the second-class prize of Science& Technology Award of China Sport Science Society.

Undertaken by branch of sport industry, the specific survey on nationwide sport industry was completed in 2010. Specific survey on sport industry was an important task led by general administration of sport and state statistical bureau. On the basis of prophase research results, we designed the detailed scheme and got the statistics of core targets of nationwide sport industry. On apr 28th, 2010, The statistics was published in the form of bulletin. The research result won the third-class prize of Shanghai Advanced Science and Technology Award.

As the consultation of the government, branch of sport actively communicated with the government and relevant units to strive for consultant and research subjects in sport industry. In 2010, our branch completed a batch of important subjects as the "Specific Survey on China Sport and Relevant Industry" "Project of Kunshan-National Sport Science and Technology (Industry) Park" "Wenchuan-West China Sport Park" which enhanced our awareness of consultant service for governments and extended our social influence.

As the consultation of the government, branch of sport provided the professional consultation service for the 11st China National Games.

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