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China Sport Science Society (hereafter referred as ”CSSS”), founded in 1980, is the longest-established and largest national sport science society in China. As an influential non-profit sport academy, CSSS has played an important role in coordinating scientific and technical workers with Communist Party of China and Chinese government, and promoting the innovation and development of sport science and technology.

CSSS is dedicated to organizing scientific and technical workers to engage in various activities of sport science and technology, promoting the innovation, and cultivating talents. CSSS devotes itself to enhancing people’s fitness, improving athletic ability, developing sport industry, and promoting sport culture.

CSSS, as a social organization with legal person status, is supervised by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). The standing office of CSSS is affiliated to China Institute of Sport Science (CISS), whose competent authority is General Administration of Sport (GAS).

National Members ' Representative Convention, with the council as its executive body, is the supreme organ of CSSS. The standing council set up by CSSS consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary-General and Directors of academic branches. The Secretary-General is in charge of the routine management work.

CSSS has 17 academic branches and 2 journals, namely, sport sociology branch, sport training branch, sport medicine branch, sport biomechanics branch, sport psychology branch, physical fitness branch, sport information branch, sport equipment and instruments branch, sport architecture branch, sport statistics branch, school sport branch, sport history branch, martial arts branch, sport industry branch, sport management branch, sport journalism and communication branch, sport physiology and biochemistry branch, “sport science” journal, and “Chinese Journal of Sports Medicine”. There are 27 provincial and 3 municipal sport science societies nationwide.

Over the past three decades, CSSS has been continuously encouraging scientific and technical workers to hold on the spirits of “Dedication, Innovation, Pragmatism, and Collaboration”, to stick to the goals of “Providing services and strengthening its own construction for accomplishing key tasks of sport development, for improving the scientific level of sport, and for scientific and technological workers in sport”, and to follow the guidance of “ Leading and supporting sport development by science and technology”. By focusing on key tasks in developing sport and gearing to the needs of sport practice, CSSS has achieved remarkable results in the aspects of research, innovation, academic exchanges, science popularization, science and technology evaluation, international communications, science and technology consultation, organization construction, member service, etc.

CSSS has been recognized and appraised by Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA), Ministry of Science and Technology (MST), General Administration of Sport (GAS) and China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). CSSS was awarded as “National Advanced Collective in Science and Technology Rewarding Work” by MST in 2005, and honored as “National Advanced Academic Society in Science Popularization Day Activity” twice by CAST in 2005 and 2006. CSSS won “the 3rd Excellent Research Report Organization Award” by CAST in 2006 and the honor of “Advanced Collective in Science and Technology Olympics” by MST in 2008. CAST bestowed upon CSSS the title of “National Advanced Academic Society in Science Popularization Activity” in the years of 2012, 2013 and 2015, and the title of “Advanced National Academic Society in Financial Accounts Competition” in the year of 2013. The CSSS standing office, which is affiliated to China Institute of Sport Science, won the honor of “Advanced Collective” by GAS in 2005, and the honor of “Advanced Collective for Outstanding Contributions to National Sport Development” by GAS in 2015. CSSS received a 4A grade in the National Assessment of Social Organizations conducted by MCA in 2015 and stood out as a characteristic society from 202 CAST-supervised national academic societies.

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